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About Us 1Proesthe is a leader in the field of health tourism that provides the best treatment solutions (hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, aesthetic operations, etc) for people who are planning for treatment abroad. We provide services in the field of hair transplantation, hair treatment and any kind of aesthetic surgeries. Our goal is achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by giving the best treatment options and the best results for each person individually.

We guide you to the most appropriate treatment options and the latest methods according to your demands and healthcare solutions which are the most suitable for you.

Proesthe emphasizes on quality with high sense of resposibility, It aims to provide high grade services for our patients all over the world.

We provide the best quality packages for our patients who are coming from other countries for the purpose of treatment abroad in equipped hospitals with exceptional operating rooms and professional doctors. Rely on more demands from our patients, proesthe prepared extra VIP services such as transportation, accommodation for feeling more comfortable during treatment.


Our Professional doctors and healthcare team in Proesthe Health Group aim to bring the best solution for each patient individually in any kind of medical services.

Rely on which surgeries or which medical services have been done, we provide the best post operative follow up for our patients after treatment.

Proesthe provides interpreters in all languages for our patients, no matter where they were born and which language they are speaking to make them feel at home.

What is needed before and after surgeries clearly is informed to our patients before they come to the hospital, they will receive the most effective treatment plan before coming to the hospital.

Providing luxury health tourism services for our patients such as A+ hospital, accommodation (in 5 star hotel) and transfer services (VIP services) to feel more comfortable during treatment.

Wish you the most memorable trip with Proesthe Health Group