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Can Women Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery?


Can Women Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery?

Yes ofcourse there is no doubt that a women can undergo hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is designed for both men and women. This would be a great help for women to treat their baldness. Hair transplant helps women to regrow their beautiful long hairs on the bald area.

Fue is a technique that would help a women to regrow hair. FUE is very much safe technique specially for women. There are no side effects, it is 100% safe and no downtime required. Hair transplant can be more safe option for women if done by an experienced and board certified surgeon. But it is very important to know the root cause of hair loss before transplant is done that would help the surgeon and idea for the treatment.

Can Women Undergo Hair Transplant Surgery? 1

The surgery can have some risks and complication also there would be chances of surgery failure if not done under the supervision of expert surgeons. To avoid all these chances its better to get the surgery done by Artius Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery clinic. It is one of the best clinic for surgery. The surgeons are experienced and highly qualified.

FUE surgery would work best on women and help to regrow you hair. The new hair that are transplanted looks same as your normal hair. You can dye, shampoo, cut it just as your normal hair.

Only women who qualify as good candidates can undergo hair transplant surgery. They will need to have enough donor hair follicles to provide long-term, non-thinning growth in the recipient area. For instance, females with hair loss due to hair extensions, braids, or ponytails (also known as traction alopecia) will still have perfectly healthy hair follicles on other regions of their scalp that can provide adequate coverage where needed.

Women with thinning hair on all parts of the scalp will have miniaturized follicles, which are not conducive to a healthy FUE hair transplant procedure. These cases will not qualify for hair transplant surgery. If you do not find yourself in this category, however, you will be glad to know that our Los Angeles-based hair clinic has helped many woman like you restore their appearance through FUE hair transplant procedures.


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