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Effects Of COVID-19 Outbreak On Medical Tourism


This is Dr. Elnaz Kianipour and today I am going to talk about Coronavirus and Medical Health Tourism. As we know Coronavirus totally changed the world during these months, such a tough period for all people around the world, there is no job or business which are not been affected by COV-19, some people go through a deep depression and some admit to have never seen a thing like this during their lifetime, so difficult for all people, no matter where you are or who you are, you should take care of yourself, your family, people around and your business.

For many years Proesthe has been working in the field of Health Tourism, If you decided to get Medical Treatment overseas for sure you heard of us, always with the best reputation and perfect customer satisfaction in the Medical Tourism industry.

Today we are responsible during this critical period, we have a high sensitivity for our patients and our workers, by reason we had to suspend all of the medical treatment requests from all countries due to COVID-19 for more safety of our patients and our workers. Around 4 months Proesthe suspends all the requests due to COVID-19 for more protection and it is going to reactivate from the 1stof June, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this tough situation.

What is Medical Tourism?

The process of traveling abroad by people to get medical treatment, and one of the most preferred destinations in the world is Turkey by reasons of affordable prices, equipped hospitals, qualified doctors, and an amazing place to go vacation.

 How Does COVID-19 Affect Medical Tourism?

Traveling abroad was one of the causes of spreading Coronavirus over the globe, as it is known COVID-19 is transmitted from people who have the virus even without any symptoms to others who are in close contact with contaminated people or objects. Subsequently, it is essential to keep the social distancing and isolating people from unnecessary activities for a short period of time.

While medical tourism may increase the chance of contamination by people from high risk countries then it is critical to suspend it in this situation due to more safety.

However, you are not alone, we fight together to the end of this nightmare, hope to see the world more colorful and happier again.

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