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How to Wash Your Head (or Beard) in First Week After Hair/ Beard Transplant


Starting on Day 3 after your hair transplant surgery, you may begin to wash your hair. Be very

gentle when washing your hair for the first 5 days.

A gentle hair wash will not hurt the newly implanted follicles, but be careful. Too much

scrubbing might dislodge a graft, which you don’t want.

Don’t let your head go directly under the shower head. A lot of shower heads pack a powerful

punch, especially if you have a massage shower head.

Again, gentle is the name of the game. A rain or rainfall shower head that distributes the water

over a wide area is best suited for the task.

The best way to make absolutely sure you are as gentle as possible is to fill a cup with water and

pour it over your head.

The washing itself should also be done very gently. The best method is to squeeze a little

shampoo into your hand, lather it up well between your hands, and then carefully rub it into

your hair.

Some itchiness is common for a few days after a hair transplant. The donor area, meaning the

place where your follicles were extracted from, will initially be covered by small red dots. These

dots will begin to scab over after your surgery.


If you are bothered by any itching, you can apply conditioner to the donor region. This helps

relieve the itching.

If any scabs remain after 7 days, you can apply conditioner to the recipient region. Gently

massage in a circular motion to help encourage the scabs to fall off.