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What Is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant, like hair transplants, use existing hair from one area of your body to grow new hair on another. There are two kinds of eyebrow transplants:

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): FUT involves the removal of a four-inch-wide slice of scalp from the back of the head. From there, hair is dissected. FUT leaves a scar, although it’s noticeable only if you have a shaved head.
FUE: Involves the use of a machine to suck hair from the scalp. This method doesn’t leave a scar, although it has a lower success rate.
The process itself is composed of removing the hair (either through FUT or FUE); making small incisions in the eyebrows; and planting the follicles. The whole procedure is painless, thanks to local anesthesia.