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Hair transplantation is a type of hair follicle transfer from the dense area (nape and between two ears) to the needed area. Hair transplantation is the most preferred method against hair loss as it is a permanent solution. There are 2 main techniques of extraction which are called FUE and FUT. FUE is the most advanced technique.

What is FUE Technique?

The FUE technique, which is based on the principle of removing grafts one by one from the dense nape region between the two ears, is the most commonly used hair transplantation technique in the world today. The extracted grafts are then implanted into the opened channels and the transplantation process is completed. This method of hair transplantation called the FUE Technique.




 Aromatherapy, the fantastic way to regrow your hair again by this great magic!
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Lavender, Tulsi, Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood 

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This is Dr. Elnaz Kianipour and Today I am going to write about Hair Transplant real facts, which maybe 90% of hair transplant candidates do not know about them and also Doctors refuse to explain clearly to patients.

Before you go through the Hair Transplant Surgery you should know:

1. There is no Miracle after aesthetic surgeries, the purpose of aesthetic operations is shaping better appearance and reconstructing flaws on the body. No one can guarantee you that after nose surgery you will become Jennifer Lopez and after hair transplant you will get Shakira’s Hair Style.

2. Doctors work on what you have! If you do not have Good donor area on the back side of the head (between ears) then you are not a good candidate for getting hair transplant, either FUE or DHI! Or maybe you heard about beard and chest as donor sites but do not go after them if you are looking for satisfactory


This is Dr. Elnaz Kianipour and here what I believe are the reasons of getting hair transplant in Turkey, and make it the most popular destination for treatment abroad.

Turkey is one of the top 10 countries when you are looking for Hair Transplant Surgery.

And why?

Finding a certified doctor is not a hard job in Turkey, most of them are highly qualified and expert especially in hair restoration department, some hospitals have more than 20 patients per day then you can be assured of being in the right place with enough experience in Hair Transplant Operation (Hair transplant surgery is performed by the team of doctors).



1-You will need to avoid direct sunlight or cold for three weeks. In case you need to wear any hat or cap, it must NOT be tight and must be loose and wide that does not come in direct touch with the grafted portion of your.

2-Avoid alcohol for one week after the procedure.

3-It is normal to bleed slightly overnight during the first days after the procedure.

4-Contact us if you develop any of the following:


Starting on Day 3 after your hair transplant surgery, you may begin to wash your hair. Be very

gentle when washing your hair for the first 5 days.

A gentle hair wash will not hurt the newly implanted follicles, but be careful. Too much

scrubbing might dislodge a graft, which you don’t want.

Don’t let your head go directly under the shower head. A lot of shower heads pack a powerful


Before Hair Transplant Surgery:

The following instructions should be followed before hair transplant procedure.

This procedure will take a full day. Please plan on being here all day. The length of the procedure is determined by number of factors, such as the amount of grafts, how well the procedure is going, blood pressure, if there is unusual bleeding or graft popping, etc.
You may need to come to the center on the third day after operation for bandage change and washing your head ( or beard) for the first time after the surgery.

Two Weeks Before Your Procedure:

1- Stop taking any medications or vitamin supplements that contain aspirin, ibobrufen, herbs, vitamin E as they increase the risk of bleeding