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This is Dr. Elnaz Kianipour and Today I am going to write about Hair Transplant real facts, which maybe 90% of hair transplant candidates do not know about them and also Doctors refuse to explain clearly to patients.

Before you go through the Hair Transplant Surgery you should know:

1. There is no Miracle after aesthetic surgeries, the purpose of aesthetic operations is shaping better appearance and reconstructing flaws on the body. No one can guarantee you that after nose surgery you will become Jennifer Lopez and after hair transplant you will get Shakira’s Hair Style.

2. Doctors work on what you have! If you do not have Good donor area on the back side of the head (between ears) then you are not a good candidate for getting hair transplant, either FUE or DHI! Or maybe you heard about beard and chest as donor sites but do not go after them if you are looking for satisfactory