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What Age Is Best For Breast Augmentation?


What Age Is Best For Breast Augmentation?

In 2012, more than 286,000 breast augmentations were performed in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), it has been the most popular plastic surgery procedure for the last seven years. This surgical treatment not only adds volume and fullness to the breasts, but in many instances, gives individuals more self-confidence and a better outlook on life.With the hundreds of breast augmentations that are being performed every day, some women may wonder what the ideal age is to undergo a breast augmentation. Although women of all ages from 18 to 70 years old can have breast augmentations done, the ASPS states that the average age of patients who undergo this type of surgery is 34. When choosing the best age for a breast augmentation, there are various factors that play a key role in an individual’s overall decision.

Implant Preference

At the age of 18, women are allowed to get breast augmentation surgery, but only with saline implants. Due to FDA standards, women are not permitted to undergo breast augmentation with silicone implants until they are at least 22 years of age.

Physical Development

Everyone’s body is different, and two women of the same age may be at different stages of breast development. Breast augmentation surgery can only be performed after the breasts are fully developed, which forces some potential patients to prolong getting a breast augmentation.

Emotional Maturity

It is always best that women have carefully thought about the reasons why they want a breast augmentation. First and foremost, patients should have realistic expectations and acknowledge that a breast augmentation produces long-lasting results. Most importantly, patients should always choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for their own benefit, and not because of pressure from others.


Although breast implants will not affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant or breastfeed, the effects of pregnancy, such as weight gain and stretched skin, can have an adverse effect on results of a breast augmentation. Often, another breast augmentation may be needed in order to restore the breasts after a woman is finished having children. To avoid future surgeries, it is wise for women to wait until after they are done having kids before they undergo a breast augmentation.


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