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What You Should Do Before Hair Transplant Surgery!


Before Hair Transplant Surgery:

The following instructions should be followed before hair transplant procedure.

This procedure will take a full day. Please plan on being here all day. The length of the procedure is determined by number of factors, such as the amount of grafts, how well the procedure is going, blood pressure, if there is unusual bleeding or graft popping, etc.
You may need to come to the center on the third day after operation for bandage change and washing your head ( or beard) for the first time after the surgery.

Two Weeks Before Your Procedure:

1- Stop taking any medications or vitamin supplements that contain aspirin, ibobrufen, herbs, vitamin E as they increase the risk of bleeding (please consult with your doctor in case you are using any for medical issue).
2- Do NOT cut or shave your hair (or beard) especially the back of your head (the donor area).
3- Please check the medical history form which sent to you and inform us about any medical problem you may have. If you have ever experienced high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, chest pains or palpitations, liver or kidney problems, sleep disorders, or shortness of breath, it is extremely important that we have this information.
4- It is highly important to inform us if you have hepatitis B or C or HIV. If you are not sure or if you have suspicions, check that by doing blood tests and inform us with the results.

One Week Before Your Procedure:

1- Refrain from alcohol intake one week before the procedure and one week after (It makes you likely to bleed during the surgery.
2- Refrain from smoking and all nicotine products.
3- Refrain from heavy physical exercises 3-7 days before the surgery. Refrain from taking any type of supplements if you are using any.
4- Please do NOT color your hair one week before the procedure.

Night Before Your Procedure:

1- Wash your hair (or beard) and take a bath.
2- Sleep early and do not strain yourself.

On the Day of Your Procedure:

1- Do NOT wash your hair (or beard).
2- Have healthy breakfast.
3- Do NOT drink coffee.
4- Wear comfortable clothing that does not need to be pulled over your head. A button down or zippered shirt is easiest, and we recommend you wear sweatpants for comfort.