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Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?


This is Dr. Elnaz Kianipour and here what I believe are the reasons of getting hair transplant in Turkey, and make it the most popular destination for treatment abroad.

Turkey is one of the top 10 countries when you are looking for Hair Transplant Surgery.

And why hair transplant in Turkey?

  • Finding a certified doctor is not a hard job in Turkey, most of them are highly qualified and expert especially in hair restoration department, some hospitals have more than 20 patients per day then you can be assured of being in the right place with enough experience in Hair Transplant Operation (Hair transplant surgery is performed by the team of doctors).
  • Turkey is one of the great places in the world, and highly recommended for visiting as a tourist.
  • The easiest country for applying tourist visa.
  • International Patients are not going to pay before the operation, they can make an appointment for hair transplant surgery just by flight tickets and no need for any kind of deposit.
  • Providing full packages for hair transplant operation is a good opportunity to take all in 1, managing Hotel and transfer are other advantages too.
  • Arranging interpreters in all languages make it easy for patients to talk in their mother tongue and clear any vague concept before, during and after operation.
  • There is no extra payment and have a companion is free of charge.
  • The cost is much more affordable than other countries.
  • Obtaining satisfactory results and high quality of following up make patients interested in getting hair transplant surgery in Turkey.
  • The cost for hair transplant full package is between 1200 and 2500 Euros which is absolutely reasonable for obtaining satisfactory result and exploring the most cultural place in the world.

Sounds great!

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